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Nox app player let’s the user to use any of the operating system apps from the comfort zone of the the computer. The apps of calibre of clash of clans , Instagram, subway surfers , kitchen stories , or tubemate are available. The Nox app player’s operating system is based on android 4.4.2 which let’s the user to use any android app to it’s extensive catalogue. The most advantageous matter is once the emulator is rooted , thereafter the user can drag contents like , photos , APKs directly in the emulator window. So by this the process of transferring any media from the computer to emulator is as easy as dragging and dropping the media. Another interesting matter about this is that the user can adapt the keyboard to play any android games .

Nox player app is a very powerful android emulator for the windows that helps the user to enjoy extravagantly and also provides with the utmost facilities and interesting apps which are mostly used world wide .

Features of Nox

  1. Nox provides the user a much bigger screen to view upon and with a tremendous attractive display.
  2. For portability cell phone batteries are too light whereas on computer there is an extension supply of power and the tension of battery extinction doesn’t hits up the mind.
  3. By the help of this the user can have multiple gaming accounts at the same time with an impressive speed .
  4. Moreover nox provides a better workaround for the people specifically it’s helpful who might not have android phones or high end android device.
  5. Some mobile apps which are not normally accessible in PC are now accessed in PC with the help of nox.

How to download Nox in PC

Nowadays mobile games are dominating the the market . Previously online games had much market share but the situation has changed a lot nowadays due to high quality graphics of the games they are more preferable to be played in the PC rather in smartphones,  even PC provides a larger display along with no tension o battery extinction.

Due to all these reasons Nox is much preferable to be used with such advantages .

Steps to download Nox in PC

  • First the user should download the free Nox app player from the official website : .
  • Click the installer file that has been downloaded  to start the installation of the Nox on the PC.
  • After it has been completely installed the user will have to launch the emulator and on it’s main screen . There the user will find in build Google play store.
  • First the user have to sign with the Google account in the Google play store then on searching for games and apps desired results will be shown. Then click download on the desired app or game .
  • Then it will be successfully downloaded and installed in the Nox .
  • Now the desired android app or game can be played on the desktop using mouse , keyboard or touch screen . The ctrl + mouse scroll short cut to zoom in and zoom out .


Nox is very preferable to play high graphics games on the PC . Even the apps which aren’t normally accessible through the PC like Instagram are accessed by Nox in PC.  There are even much advantages and facilities for the users .

Download Nox

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