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In today’s digital world, Androids are the major and the leading operating system.  Evolution is the natural phenomenon to survive on the Earth and Android is following the same rule, too, i.e., the survival of the fittest. Every year, a new version of Android is being launched with more enhancement in the technology. The advancement in the OS has also effect on the applications getting developed every day as the apps are getting better and better. Apps found in the Androids are for social media, messaging, and downloading music or movies and playing it, etc. But the apps are available only for the Android device and thus, it makes the portability of the apps a little hectic. If you want to run the Android apps on other devices with other OS, you should have an emulator to fulfil the process. An emulator is a software which lets you to run the application on different platforms. Nox Player is one kind of an emulator.

The Nox Player is the best android emulator in all sense. It can run fulfilling all the Android requirements and runs on all the application available on the Play store or other app stores. It can also be installed from other platforms, such as,directly from PC.

Features of Nox Player

  • Nox Player can be downloaded for many platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux to name the few.
  • It consist of all the features and simple user friendly interface to run apps on it.
  • You can manipulate the keyboard settings for controlling the games and other things.
  • It lets you to connect to your Google account through Nox player to sync the app.
  • There are two versions of Nox player. You can downloaded either of the two. One runs with internet connection and the other does not need any internet and uses the local files.

The Nox Player, as said earlier, is available only for Windows and Linux. But its not available for PS4. Thus, we will give the updation post, as soon as it is available.

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