Nox App Player is a tool/emulator whose main aim is to emulate the basic Android Operating System and thus enables you to run Android Apps on your PCs or Macs. You can run 95% of the present Android Apps on your desktop or laptop,using this app. The usable files ranging from messages to games and even multimedia files. The only difference is that,in a smartphone you need to screen tap, while in Nox you need to click using your mouse. So simple. Though,for some games and etc you need to control the keyboard and mouse together as a whole.

Everyone is aware that Bluestacks is the king of the Android Emulator Jungle. But talking of kings,there is a tough competitor to the throne. It’s from Nox App Player. The extra features provided and head turning gaming and such experiences can actually make you fall for it.

Nox App player has many input and output devices other than the century old mouse and keyboard. The other input/output devices being gamepads and consoles. Pretty awesome for an emulator. The best part? The multi-window, multi-app and multi-tasking experience is really innovative.   


Features of Nox

One of the beasts in its field,there are various features of Nox App Player. Let’s get to know some of them:

  • Nox helps you directly download your favourite apps from google play store and thus saves your valuable time.
  • Besides the google play store,the browser availability is also beneficial.
  • Nox helps you backup your data easily.
  • Nox is as fast as possible and even stable and effective.
  • Nox is designed on Android 4.4.2 kitkat and is compatible with X86 and AMD.
  • You can also operate other social media apps like Facebook,Messenger and even Camera apps.

Download Nox for Android

Nox is an android emulator,so it is basically impossible to have the same app for your smartphones. But here are the steps to download it for your PCs and laptops:

  • You need to go to the official website and then only you can get the original version of Nox app for PCs and Macs.
  • Go to “Downloads” and click on the application file.
  • Nox installation will begin and follow the instructions.
  • You will be directed regarding how to install the app from the instructions itself.
  • After installation is complete,click the “Start” button.
  • The app will then update the file and store it on your hard drives.
  • Launch the app after completing the previous steps and add your Gmail id.
  • Enjoy your Nox experience.

Download Nox

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